Things to do In Phuket

Phuket is a wondrous and stunning island where a lot of tourists from all over the world visit for numerous reasons; some visit the area to have picturesque and stunning views of the natural surroundings and the numerous Phuket attractions available. Some do enjoy and admire the area, yet what matters most to them are the numerous things to do in Phuket that they do not want to miss out on. There are a lot of Phuket things to do and activities to engage in such as watersports, exploring the famous tourist attractions and landmarks, meeting with the local tribe community, enjoying a safari tour, and a whole lot more.

If you are thinking of what things to do in Phuket when you set foot on the island, here is a list of the fun and most favored Phuket things to do that a lot of tourists engage in when they visit the area:

ATV Adventures and White-Water Rafting

Explore and have all the fun when you take part in Phuket attractions such as this; enjoy a whole-day tour where you can have a lot of fun things to do in Phuket that include white-water rafting, an exciting all-terrain vehicle or ATV ride through a lush wildlife sanctuary then have some time to relax or even take a dip at a secluded waterfall area. Aside from these, you can also sample several other outdoor adventures and learn about the region’s flora and fauna, as well as its local villages.

Tour of Rural Thailand Plus Elephant Ride and Cruise along Chalong Bay

Explore and indulge in the picturesque beauty of the lush green jungle and crystalline water that surrounds the beautiful island of Phuket. On this 5.5-hour tour, you will get to experience some of the top things to do in Phuket like the fun elephant trekking, a local farm visit, plus a relaxing lunch cruise while viewing the beautiful and tranquil surroundings. The tour begins with learning about the elephants and their behavior before you take a thirty-minute jungle trek in the verdant and lush jungles. After this, get the chance to taste some of the local treats that Phuket has to offer, watch water buffalos in action as they work, plus see how rubber and coconuts are processed through demonstrations during the farm tour. Lastly, relax on a cruise while going around the Chalong Bay, with a delicious authentic Thai buffet that is served on board.

Whole Day Tour of the Khao Sok Jungle Safari

Experience the fun and thrill of a jungle safari on this whole day tour at the Khao Sok National Park. Ride on one of the elephants as you pass through a beautiful and lush Thai forest before relaxing on a tranquil float through the magnificent waterways as you ride on a traditional canoe. You will also get the chance to learn about the local wildlife before savoring an authentic Thai meal that will surely whet your palate.

Phuket’s Simon Cabaret Show

Get the chance to see the ultimate Phuket Theater’s show and musical experience during an evening at the Simon Cabaret Show. If you want to try other unique things to do in Phuket, this one-of-a-kind moment will offer guests a full night of stunning entertainment that should not be missed out on! Delight in this Las Vegas-styled show that was influenced by the traditional Thai culture and traditions. P

huket Cave Tour along Phang Nga Bay Plus Lunch and Dinner

Travel via kayak or motor boat to some of the rarely visited areas of Phang Nga Bay such as the stunning and mysterious sea caves and its hidden lagoons. You will also be given the chance to visit other Phuket attractions like the little islands in the beautiful landscapes that are encircled by azure-like waters and stunning limestone karsts. After this, you will hop aboard one of the kayaks that will be controlled by a professional guide who will provide detailed information about the plants, wildlife, and the geology of the region.

Phuket’s Authentic Thai Cooking Class

If you are in search for unique Phuket things to do, why not go on a tour where you can learn how to whip up some traditional Thai dishes in a special cooking class in Phuket. You can choose from a private or limited group setting then discover the cooking secrets and tricks behind numerous Thai favorites such as the spicy basil pork, Thai green curry paste, sweet and sour soup with prawns, and a delectable coconut milk dessert. The comprehensive session will introduce you to the usual ingredients used in Thai cuisine and once this ends, you can enjoy and indulge in your personal creations.

Admission to the Splash Jungle Water Park with Optional Transfer

Cool down and take a dip on this fun water trip as you head to the exciting Splash Jungle Water Park – known as one of Thailand’s most stunning and notable waterparks. There are a variety of waterslides in the area that offer a range of twists and turns depending how thrilling you want the slides to be. There is an easy-going and chill Lazy River, or opt for the more exhilarating Boomerango, as well as the Super Bowl. If you prefer not to take the slides in the area, you can instead pamper yourself and treat yourself at the spa, or sunbathe right on the gazebo while the rest of the family splash around and get all the fun during this water trip.

Adventure Rope Course – Jungle Xtrem Adventure Park

If you are tired of the sun, sand, and waters of Phuket, why not spend half the day on heightened thrills right at the Jungle Xtrem. You will climb, then carefully walk before swinging back and forth though the verdant treetops on a lengthy yet fun rope-course which includes speedy activities such as ziplines, rop bridges, swinging walkways, and web nets. Professional guides provide quick instructions for safety before giving all necessary gear needed for the adventure. Have fun while viewing the Phuket attractions that surround the area on a day or afternoon challenge.

Simians Scuba Diving

This two-day diving tour is perfect for divers who are already certified and want to explore the tropical beauty of Phuket underwater. The tour provides divers a chance to explore the area after dark to admire the surroundings under the starry sky – a completely fun, personal, and memorable experience that will never be forgotten.

Whole Day Adventure – Golf plus Food and Drinks

An entertaining set of mini-golf that will be played on artificially-made grass which will be a pleasant and enjoyable moment for the family, couples, and a large group of friends. The course is easy for those who have never played golf yet it can also be a challenge for those who play in full-sized golf courses.