Phuket Weather

Phuket weather is generally categorized into two seasons namely dry and rainy, and these have transition periods that occur in between seasons. For the best time to visit the region, it would be during the cool Northeastern monsoon season that starts from December all throughout March; this is when the weather is not too humid and the cool breeze keeps everything nice and comfortable.

Listed below are the different months and how Phuket weather is during these times:

Phuket Weather in January

The typical weather in Phuket for January is generally relaxing and pleasant, sitting between the average high and low temperature. Humidity has been dropping from the months of October high and will stay this way until April.

Phuket Weather in February

Phuket weather from November to February is generally the dry season; it is the last month of the dry season and its typical rainfall is only 30mm that falls for two to three days. It is known to be the driest month and from here, rain will increase until the months of May, September, and also October.

Phuket Weather in March

The weather in Phuket during this month is considered the end of the dry season and the beginning of the hot season. When the end of this month comes, it will be wetter as it heads towards April, so expect higher chances of rainfall which will gradually increase once the monsoon season enters in May.

Phuket Weather in April

For those who cannot stand the heat, avoid visiting Phuket during April since it is in the hot season with extreme temperature in Phuket. The average temperature during this month is 29°C and the temperature increases in the evening. The heat can get quite uncomfortable but if guests stay in major resorts, it will be tolerable since their accommodations are air-conditioned for comfort.

Phuket Weather in May

The region has a monsoon climate with three seasons; dry, hot, and monsoon. The dry season ends in May and this is when the monsoon enters the region. Average rainfall increases then falls for sixteen to eighteen days as it gradually increases until September’s high.

Phuket Weather in June

Combined with the average humidity of about eighty-five percent, the Phuket weather may seem hotter than usual but fairly tolerable if guests stay in air-conditioned resorts; however, having an additional fan to make things cooler will be more comfortable during the day.

Phuket Weather in July

The monsoon season is still on its way during this month with the rainfall gradually increasing from the months of June onwards until it reaches the end of the monsoon season. Heavy rain falls over shortened periods and will be replaced by sunny and cool days.

Phuket Weather in August

This month is in the monsoon season and this does not seem to hinder tourists from visiting the area. The rain will fall for around nineteen days and will turn into a sunny cool Phuket weather.

Phuket Weather in September

September is the coldest Phuket weather based on the region’s standards; it is also considered the wettest month right after the monsoon. Even if September is known as the coldest month, the temperature only increases slightly since the maximum temperature hardly reaches past thirty degrees. However, this will not deter any of the guests from visiting since the weather in Phuket is still warmer compared to the weather in European countries, especially during winter.

Phuket Weather in October

From October towards the end of the month, monsoon rains will slowly diminish but expect to have some heavy rain during some days. After the rain, expect to feel heavy and sticky because of the weather and temperature in Phuket; this weather and temperature, however, is also excellent for fishing.

Phuket Weather in November

The rain during November continues to fall until the end of the month, and this is the time when the monsoon leaves and returns the next year. The rain lessens during this month and at the end of it going to December, the dry season begins.

Phuket Weather in December

This is when the monsoon ends and the amount of rain drops. Its average temperature is a cool twenty-seven degrees since this is the time when temperatures cool down until it reaches January, which has the coolest temperature in Phuket.