Phuket Nightlife

For a lot of people, the beach, sun, and partying go together perfectly and these are things that Phuket can offer. Its reputation as the best party and entertainment hotspot is something that the island greatly deserves. A lot of international travelers visit the area because of its entertaining go-go bars, discos, live bands, ladyboy cabaret shows, restaurants, and international DJ’s performing; and with all of these fun and entertaining activities, the Phuket nightlife and party scene has definitely become famous all over the world.

Once you visit the island, you will definitely have no problems thinking about what to do in Phuket, however, with its numerous attractions and places to visit, choosing where to start can be the only issue. With that, here are some of the popular clubs, bars, and the best restaurants in Phuket that will surely give you the best night out.  

Harem A Go-Go

Location: Soi Seadragon – Patong Beach

For the best Phuket nightlife, head for the best and most luxurious go-go bars in the area. The bar was built in a previous Candy Club and was completely renovated and redesigned to create a charming, fun, comfortable, and tasteful club.

Suzy Wong’s

Location: at the end of the Soi Seadragon

If you are thinking of what to do in Phuket to experience ultimate fun and enjoyment, go for the very famous Suzy Wong’s for their famous smacking good time. It is a vibrant bar that features foam bats and a socially friendly atmosphere – perfect for fun dancing, drinking, and partying.

Xana Beach Club with Attica

Location: Bangtao Beach

During the day, it is a classy and relaxing restaurant, but after sunset, Xana transforms into a vibrant and hip club/bar. They serve classic Mojitos and other cocktails, plus a number of Tapas, Mediterranean, European and Thai dishes, this becoming a great way to enjoy the Phuket nightlife.

Zazada Beach Club

Location: Surin Beach

If you are having a little trouble thinking of what to do in Phuket, visit the Zazada Beach Club located at the end of Surin Beach. It is a classy club themed with a contemporary and traditional style that fits perfectly with the environment.

Paradise Beach Club

A well-developed party area that is a few minutes away from Patong Beach; it features shops, restaurants and excellent Koh Phangan-themed beach parties. Paradise Beach club is also home to Phuket’s full moon events on the beach.

Illuzion Show & Discotheque

Location: Bangla Road

Known as one of the most impressive party spots in town which makes it the best way to fully experience the ultimate Phuket nightlife; featuring the latest lighting and sound equipment, Illuzion is a perfect venue to hold any type of party/event.

White Room Nightclub

Location: Soi Gonzo

An old and popular name on the famous Bangla Road; the nightclub has undergone a dramatic reboot that features a larger, chic, and a more contemporary party space.


Location: Kalim Beach

Acqua is one of the best restaurants in Phuket which is a modern Italian restaurant that displays a futuristic theme and picturesque views of the Andaman, making it one of the most aesthetically-pleasing dining spots in Phuket.

Dedos Restaurant

Location: Bangtao

The restaurant offers one of the best experiences in dining which is why a lot of tourists consider this as one of the best restaurants in Phuket. It is a small area situated on Tinlay Place that is close to the entrance of the Laguna Phuket Resort Complex.

Mom Tri’s Kitchen

Kata Noi

For a relaxing yet fun Phuket nightlife, head for Mom Tri’s Kitchen to enjoy a perfect dinner while simply enjoying some fabulous dishes in a divine setting.