About Phuket

Phuket is one of Thailand’s provinces that is located in the south and is also one of the country’s largest island together with other smaller ones found along the coast. Phuket can be located along the west coast of the country in the Andaman Sea, and is linked by the Phang Nga Province and the Sarasin Bridge up north.

The size of this beautiful paradise is about two hundred twenty-two square meters which is slightly smaller compared to the size of Singapore. Additionally, Phuket used to develop its wealth from rubber and tin while enjoying a lavish and vibrant history since the city was among the main trading routes between China and India, plus it was also very famous among the French, English, Dutch, and Portuguese traders. However, Phuket now acquires most of its income from the high level of tourism in the city.

As for the landscape, Phuket is known to be a mountainous and island filled with rainforests that also has some of the best and most enchanting beaches one can find in the whole of Thailand. Most of these beaches can be found along the waters of the western shore so expect nothing but beauty and allure when it comes to the ambiance and views of the beaches. There are also top-notch spas, resorts, as well as restaurants for all the guests who visit the area.

Phuket Hotels

The themes displayed within Phuket’s accommodations also reflect the city’s rich character and image – a mix of classic and modern styles, cost-efficiency and extravagance, urban and natural surroundings – which is abundant and diverse enough to satisfy the requisites of everyone visiting the city.

Not only will visitors get to experience the unique diversity of the city, but they can experience this within the comfort of the hotels in Phuket as well. There are different types of accommodations each visitor can choose from, and these range from top-notch hotels Phuket, to the chic and stylish Phuket hotels that can be found within the city; definitely an area with a wide selection of accommodations tourists can choose to stay in.

Trisara Phuket

In most hotels Phuket, guests will be welcomed wholeheartedly once they arrive in these accommodations, just like in the Trisara Phuket where everyone can enjoy unparalleled services while experiencing great hospitality. The establishment has been around since the year 2004 as an intimate resort hotel that can be located in an unspoiled area on the island’s northwestern coast.

The Chava Resort

There are some hotels in Phuket that are not set in tall and grandiose buildings, and just like The Chava Resort, it is set in a luxurious apartment located in the Surin Beach where guests can have an exquisite view of the sea. From the resort, they can also easily reach the numerous boutiques, restaurants, as well as the Surin Plaza just close by, making it a very convenient place to stay in.

Andara Resort and Villas

This resort and villa settles perfectly on a hillside where guests can have a beautiful view of the Andaman Sea, making it a perfect vacation getaway for those who want to escape the busy and bustling city. The resort can be located on the Kamala Beach where one can experience a quiet and relaxing vacation in a beautiful place in Phuket.

Point Yamu by COMO

Numerous Phuket hotels overlook the beautiful surroundings of the area, but the Point Yamu by COMO, which can be found at the top of Cape Yamu that overlooks the stunning limestone of the Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay. This hotel resort is situated in a convenient location that is just about twenty-five minutes away from the Phuket International Airport and is also close to favorite tourist attractions such as the Rang Noi Island, Royal Phuket Marina, and the Rang Yai Island.

BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel

This chic and classy establishment is just eight minutes away from the Patong Beach while the Flying Hanuman Rainforest Zipline Park is just eight kilometers away. Take comfort in stylish, classy, and modern accommodations together with all the necessary amenities and services that will provide a hundred percent convenience to its guests.

The Shore at Katathani

For guests who prefer accommodations that exhibit and ambiance of romance, comfort, and relaxation, The Shore at Katathani is the best place to choose for a complete romantic getaway. Enjoy breathtaking and stunning views of Phuket’s beautiful surroundings while taking comfort in the resort’s spacious yet cozy interiors.

Flights to Phuket

In Thailand, Bangkok International Airport is the largest airport and the second largest would be the Phuket International Airport. Phuket’s airport can be located in the northern portion of the island and accepts both international and domestic flights. Flights to this area in Thailand are very cost-efficient that even chartered flights to remote areas in Asia, Australia, and Europe are serviced; so if anyone is searching for convenient flights to the city, here are some of the best airlines that offer cheap flights to Phuket:


AirAsia is one of the low-costing airlines that operate non-stop flights to numerous points in the world which includes about forty locations, and also eighteen locations within Thailand, plus the international destinations such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Macao, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and China. Their fleet consists of forty-four Airbus A320 variations.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways operates continuous flights to over seventy-five locations in thirty-five countries which include numerous cities in Thailand and points across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and North America. Thai Airways have fleets with a variety of three configurations that feature the Royal Silk Class, Economy Class, and the Royal First Class.

Bangkok Airways

This regional airline operates continuous flights to over twenty locations in different places such as Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Laos, India, Singapore, Burma, and Maldives. They also have a fleet that includes aircrafts configured with the Business and Economy Class Cabin; however, almost all of Bangkok Airways’ planes are configured with a single cabin only which is the Economy Class.

Things to do in Phuket

Phuket, despite its stunning and highly attractive beaches and natural surroundings, is often overlooked because of the bustling and active administrative center; keep in mind that there are a lot more to see, experience, and a lot of things to do in Phuket so activities in the area are not just limited to things in the beach.

Just recently, Phuket has been upgraded and enhanced to acquire the city status which features a place with a perfect blend of old and new styles, refined and simple themes, tranquil and vibrant surroundings that all fuse exquisitely to define the city’s charm and allure. With that, here are some of the top things to do in Phuket.

Phuket FantaSea Tour – Show and Dinner

The Phuket FantaSea is the city’s ultimate and highly popular theme park and spending the evening here is one great way to experience Phuket in a fun and exciting way; guests will be able to view great and astounding shows that will bring all the Thai legends back to life while enjoying a delectable buffet dinner that will surely leave everyone’s tastes. The tour is very family-friendly so each one of the family members will be charmed and enchanted by the high-quality technology utilized for the special effects during the show, plus the dancing elephants on stage will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Khao Sok Jungle Safari

This is a full-day trip to experience the excitement and delight during a jungle safari where guests will be given the chance to explore the Khao Sok National Park. They will ride on an elephant to go through the thick, rich, and verdant forests of Thailand while indulging in the picturesque scenery; plus, learn and gain knowledge about the local wildlife of Phuket with the help of a professional guide before relaxing and savoring traditional Thai cuisines for lunch.

Introduction to Phuket – Sight Seeing Tour

Enjoy a four-hour couch adventure while discovering the beauty and wonders of the best paradise one can visit. Take a ride down the city’s southern shoreline and be amazed at its beautiful white sand, eye-catching fauna, plus the one-of-a-kind ambiance of the Rawai, Patong, Kata, and Karon beaches. Take tons of photos while touring around in the private coach to keep beautiful and memorable photos during the trip to Phuket.